Stud Farm & Racing

Crossogue Stud Farm & Racing


Crossogue is a working horse farm with a number thoroughbred broodmares and many of their young stock on the farm.

The limestone land of the region is famous for producing quality horses for all disciplines, but our passion has been to produce good steeplechasers over the years. Many of our mares are owned in partnership with friends and the dream is always to produce a star!

We sell some of our foals, while others we keep on until they are 3 year olds when they will be sold or kept at Crossogue for racing. The horses we keep spend their lives in herds, on rotating pasture throughout the year. This is as one with nature and we believe that this allows them to realise their full potential, mentally and physically before embarking on a career in racing.

Our mares also live outside all the time, just coming in to foal in the Spring, before returning to the broodmare herd with their foal. It is a wonderful part of staying at Crossogue, watching mares and foals grazing on the rolling pasture while on walks about the farm. Many guests have even witnessing a foal being born during their stay!

It is a big team effort and we are lucky to have excellent support with our vets and farrier in nurturing their development from a young age.
Crossogue has produced a lot of horses that have gone on to prove very successful in racing and we derive so much pleasure following them throughout their career.

We train a small number of horses at Crossogue, these are normally sold after winning or retained to become our next generation of broodmare. We enjoy competing and the very competitive nature of the sport in Ireland. We have been lucky to train some good horses and they have given us lots of exciting and fun racing days!

Whenever we have a runner, we always invite any of our guests who might enjoy the day, to come along and be part of the experience.


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